Globular Cluster M5

Messier 5 (M5) is a globular star cluster, 100,000 stars or more, bound by gravity and packed into a region around 165 light-years in diameter. It lies some 25,000 light-years away. Globular star clusters are not part of the main disk of our galaxy, but, these ancient members of the Milky Way, orbit the main galaxy by roaming halo of our galaxy. M5 is one of the oldest globulars, its stars estimated to be nearly 13 billion years old.

To see how dense the star system is, download the picture and zoom in. Also see Hubble’s very beautiful image of this object at

This is a bright enough object that the individual subs were only 10 minutes. I took a total of 19 Luminance, & 7,7,7 RGB images to make a total exposure time of 400 minutes.


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