IC 1275 is an emission as well as reflection nebula in Sagittarius.

In the center, the greenish area is a dust cloud, rich in dark dust that hide background stars and young star systems still forming. On its right are clouds rich in hot glowing gas. Between the two regions, you will see a bluish nebula, that got its blue color by reflecting light from a group of massive blue stars. This are pictured above spans about 3 light years wide and likely has a common history with the nearby Lagoon Nebula. The complex lies about 5000 light-years away toward the constellation of Sagittarius.

I see a little cat sitting like a human and looking down upon us. It’s just my imagination running wild!

I took this image over 16.2 hours. (Luminance 28 images of 20 minutes each and all 3 colors of 14 images of 10 minutes each).

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