M24 – Small Sagittarius Star Cloud

M24, also known as the Small Sagittarius Star Cloud, is a large naked eye expanse of stars, clusters, nebulosity and other objects located in Sagittarius, and is pointing close to the core of our galaxy. At mag. +4.6 and covering 1.5 degrees of sky, it’s visible to the naked eye as a large detached part of the Milky Way. The object is a fantastic sight in binoculars and small telescopes. It’s claimed that M24 has the densest concentration of individual stars visible, around a thousand, in a single binocular field of view. Spatially, M24 covers a volume up to 16,000 light-years deep.

My telescope set up allows me to image half a degree (size of Moon) in one picture. This is much smaller than the overall object size, so you see part of the area. As compared to my other images, you can see many more stars, only because of dense concentration of stars near the core of our galaxy.

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