M90 – An Anemic Galaxy

Messier 90 (also known as M90 and NGC 4569) is an intermediate spiral galaxy exhibiting a weak inner ring structure about 60 million light-years away in the constellation Virgo. Messier 90 is a member of the Virgo Cluster, being one of its largest and brightest spiral galaxies, with an absolute magnitude of around −22 (brighter than the Andromeda Galaxy). Due to the galaxy’s interaction with the intracluster medium in its cluster, the galaxy has lost much of its interstellar medium. As a result of this process, the star formation regions appear severely truncated compared to similar galaxies. Consequently, the galaxy’s spiral arms appear to be smooth and featureless, rather than knotted like galaxies with extended star formation, and that’s why it has been classified as the prototype of an anemic galaxy.

Because of this reason, you can see that the picture is not very sharp. But, then, like in life, deep sky objects are not always pretty.

I took this image over 15.5 hours. (32 luminance image of 20 minutes and 9 images each of each color for 10 minutes).

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