A two part galaxy! This galaxy is different as there are two parts to it. The outer part, which is really really faint as compared to the bright inner part, is clearly separated from the inner part but revolves around the core of the galaxy in the same way.

M94 has an inner ring with a diameter of 70 arcseconds (given its distance, about 5,400 light-years) and an outer ring with a diameter of 600″ (about 45,000 light-years).

The outer disk of this galaxy is active. It contains approximately 23% of the galaxy’s total stellar mass and contributes about 10% of the galaxy’s new stars

This galaxy is about 16 million light years away!

I took this image over 15 hours in March 21. (29 luminance images of 20 minutes each and 11 images of each color of 10 minutes each).

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