Stephan’s Quintet

There are 5 galaxies right in the middle of this image. All the yellowish galaxies are about 300 million light years away, whereas the bluish one is about 260 million light years away. The object left of the bluish galaxy is actually two different galaxies merging with each other and these 2 are also interacting with the yellow galaxy just below them. Then there is a smaller galaxy a little above the merging galaxy, right next to a star and that also is in the vicinity and is getting impacted. You can see a close up image of this area in a NASA image ( In addition, there is a circular galaxy a little below the main group of galaxies. (1/4th of the way to the bottom). I also see many small galaxies in the images. For example, there is edge-on galaxy (which is likely to be around 700 million light years away) just below the central right part of the image (say between 3 and 4 o clock, 2/3rd way to the right edge). Another really small fuzzy galaxy is toward 5 o clock about 2/3rd of the way.

I took this image over 10 hours. Luminance 20 images of 20 minutes each and RGB colors with 7 images each of 10 minutes.

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