IC 1283 & NGC6589/90 – Reflection & Emission Nebulae

I can’t think of a earth-based object that this nebula resembles, so no name.

This nebula complex is located not far from the center of the galaxy. Numerous patches of dust partially obscure the light at visible wavelengths. The two bright blue clouds are NGC 6589 and NGC 6590. They surround two young blue stars, by whose light they are illuminated. The diffuse magenta cloud (IC 1283 or Sh2-37) is a complex HII region which absorbs the emissions from the nearby stars and releases them in the visible red light of excited hydrogen.

I took this image in narrowband (Ha & OIII) but, assigned natural colors to the extent possible.

Total exposure time was 6 hours. (11 images of Ha & 7 of OIII of 20 minutes each).IC1283-web

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