NGC 6045 and other galaxies

This just looks bunch of stars and some fuzzy stuff. But, they are dozens of very distant galaxies. The larger ones are about 450 to 525 million light years away and the smaller ones are probably about a billion light years or thereabouts.

Some of you may be confused about what’s a galaxy and what’s a star. Stars that you see in my images are part of our galaxy and are very close to us (about 1000-50000 light years). The galaxies are a large group of stars, which usually consist average of about 100 billion stars. In this particular image, the galaxies look really small only because they are so far.

For clear understanding, I have marked them with distinct markers. Blue markers are stars. Red ones are galaxies. Yellow markers are also pointing to galaxies, but, these are interacting galaxies. Interacting galaxies are the ones that have come very close to each other and are either merging with the other galaxy or traveling past the other galaxies, thereby impacting shapes of both galaxies.

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