NGC 3718 with NGC 3729

NGC 3718, also called Arp 214, is a galaxy located approximately 52 million light years from Earth in the constellation Ursa Major. NGC 3718 has a warped, s-shape. This may be due to gravitational interaction between it and NGC 3729, another spiral galaxy located 150,000 light-years away from NGC 3718. It is commonly accepted that when galaxies pass each other that tidal forces draw out the companion galaxy’s stars, gas, and dust in the formation of a spectacular tail and may be the cause of the warped shape you see here.

This image is cropped by about 20% and I took this image over 10 hours (17 images of 20 minutes each for Luminance & 9 images each of 10 minutes each for each color – R, G, B).

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