Sh2 -112 is a faint emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus.

It is located in the northern part of the constellation, about 1.5° west of the bright star Deneb (One of the stars of the so-called Summer Triangle). It is a circular H II region with an apparent size of about 15′, crossed by a dark band on the west side oriented north-south. Estimates of the distance to this nebula give a value of about 5670 light-years, which would place Sh2-112 in a particularly rich region of the Orion arm and physically very close to the large nebular system of Cygnus X.

I took this image in 2022 in LRGB colors (Luminance of 18 images of 20 min each ) 7 images each of RGB colors of 5 min each). Total exposure 475 minutes using QSI 683 with a 10″ AG Optical iDK on Paramount MX.

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